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BTS June 2018 Newsletter

Our latest newsletter has been sent to our wonderful BTS contacts in churches and ministries.  Please contact Jon if you want to receive a copy and/or subscribe to the newsletter.

Changes to NSW WWCC Laws

There have been some changes to the laws around the NSW Working With Children Check important for anyone who is a leader or works directly with children or young people.

Personal details must be updated

Everyone who holds a Check is now legally required to update their contact details, including any name or address changes, within three months – just like your driver licence. And like your licence, penalties will apply for people who don’t update. Updating your details is simple – go to www.kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au/check and follow the directions. You can even find your Check number here if you don’t have it to hand.

Employers must verify

Employers can now be penalised if they don’t verify that their leaders, workers or volunteers who work with kids, have had a Check or applied for one. One of the strengths of the NSW system is that it is underpinned by an ongoing, continuous checking system. By registering and verifying online, employers can be contacted by the Office of the Children’s Guardian should anyone become barred through the continuous monitoring process. Fines for not verifying can be issued to every organisation where people work or volunteer with children (including ministry leaders).

In the Presbyterian Church the Conduct Protocol Unit (CPU) verifies WWCCs.  The CPU will continue to work with BTS Contacts and Session Clerks to ensure all leaders, and those working directly children and young people, have a WWCC that has been verified by the CPU.

BTS Online Training now available

BTS Basic Training is also now offered in an online form.  This training has been designed to leverage off the existing training workbook and approach.  Please see the training page for more information.  Thank you so much to all those that gave feedback on the pilot and otherwise contributed to establishing online training.

Upcoming Training Dates

As part of the CPU’s mission to provide the best possible support for safe ministry, we have added a page for upcoming training dates. Please click here to see details for upcoming BTS training sessions.

New format website

You may have noticed a new look and feel to the Jericho Road and Breaking the Silence web sites. Thank you for your patience while we’re sorting out some teething problems. If you have any issues please email Jon at jflood@pcnsw.org.au.

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