How to write to your MP

Speaking up for Allowah

How to contact your local MP to advocate for children with disabilities.

You’re someone who believes all people are made in the image of God — including children who live with a disability. So of course they deserve the care and support they need to flourish in life. These are the children who Allowah is dedicated to serve.  Because these children and their families are inherently valuable, Allowah is seeking funding certainty, so it can give children with disabilities certainty of care. We’re looking to Brad Hazzard to make a fresh funding commitment from his $30billion budget. However, the hospital is seeking just $1.6m.

We already have some wonderful advocates like Governor General and Mrs Hurley and eminent medical leaders like Professor Kim Oates. However, they can’t speak openly in the political space, nor in the contest of ideas. That’s what you can do. You can help us in six ways:

  1. By becoming a petitioner here.
  2. By writing to your local member. You will need to:
    1. Work out what electorate you live in here.
    2. Use their contact details you can find here.
    3. Write a letter or email, drawing on the information you’ll find here.
  3. By writing a letter of endorsement, drawing on your family experience, to support the letter that has gone to Brad Hazzard and other ministers.
  4. By writing an op-ed about children with disabilities and the image of God in your local church newsletter or even the local paper. 

When the petition goes before Parliament, the more MPs who are across this issue the better chance we have of a positive outcome.

  1. Introduce yourself and the issue.

  2. Use your own words.

  3.  Ask for their support.

  4.  Provide your contact details and be patient – MPs receive hundreds of emails and letters, it could take up to a month to hear back.

  5.  Follow up – if you haven’t heard anything after a month, follow up with an email or letter.

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