Basic training is to be completed before a person commences in a position of authority and is applicable to ministers, elders, ministry leaders and Bible study leaders, as well as those working with children or young people. Once completed, the full basic training course is to be completed again every three years.

In the years in between, for those working directly with children and young people, a shorter form of training (Top-up Training) needs to also be completed.  Top-up Training should include coverage of BTS Policy, Code of Conduct and reporting procedure.

Basic Training is provided as a workbook with an accompanying DVD that has a variety of video clips. You can use this workbook individually or in a group, with or without a facilitator. The DVD and hard copies of the training workbook can be ordered from the CPU. The training workbook can also be downloaded here – Self-Paced Training Workbook.

If you are training SRE teachers or helpers please add the Wise Ministry addendum for SRE teachers and helpers to Section 7 Wise Ministry.  (These documents require Adobe Acrobat reader. To download the latest Adobe Acrobat reader, click here.)

The Basic Training is also now offered in an online form.  This training has been designed to leverage off the existing training workbook and approach.  Like the training workbook the online modules have been designed to be done either in a group or as an individual.  We continue to encourage church based groups training together as we find that people learn safe ministry best by discussing together.  However, we know that this is not always possible and so hope that these online modules will be effective for individual training as well.  You can access BTS Online Training here.


From time to time the CPU and its partners run church or presbytery based training.  These courses fulfil the participants’ requirements to be trained every three years.  Please click here to see details for upcoming BTS training sessions.