The Conduct Protocol Unit is responsible for:

  • Administration of forms
  • Provision of SRE Teacher and SRE Helper cards
  • Auditing of compliance
  • Provision of list of SRE Teachers and Helpers to PYNSW on a six monthly basis for invoicing purposes and the provision of SRE Information to those Teachers

For assistance with forms or cards, please contact Courtney Chan at or Ph: 02 9690 9321.

For assistance with Recognised Prior Learning, please contact Roslyn Deal from Presbyterian Youth at or Ph: 02 9690 9379.

For assistance with auditing, please contact Jon Flood (CPU) at or Ph: 02 9690 9325.

PYNSW is responsible for:

  • Producing SRE Teacher Accreditation Training
  • Producing SRE Teacher Professional Development Training
  • Authorising SRE Curriculum for use by PCNSW SRE Teachers
  • Approval of Recognised Prior Learning exemptions
  • Invoicing pastoral charges for SRE Authorisation costs

For assistance with training, curricula or invoices please contact or Ph: 02 9690 9379.

Any SRE forms you may need can be found at the bottom of the SRE page of the PYNSW website.

For any SRE Authorisation questions please refer to Roslyn Deal at PYNSW or Ph: 02 9690 9379.

Click here for Accreditation Training provided by PYNSW