There are a number of ways you can make sure you receive Breaking the Silence Foundations training every three years. 

  • Check if your church is planning to hold a BTS training session as a group – this is the best way to make sure you discuss the safe ministry issues relevant to your ministry activities.
  • If you can’t attend a training session at your church, you can complete your training online, through our BTS online training modules, and complete the quiz at the end to make sure you understood everything.
  • You can also find out where one of our CPU trainers is running a training session in one of our NSW churches. Or you can contact the CPU about hosting the training at your church, and open it up to others in the area.

In-House Training

Find out what ministers / BTS reps need to run a training session at church.

Online Training

Complete BTS Foundations Training by working through the online course.

Upcoming Sessions

Find out if a CPU trainer is running a BTS Foundations Training session in your area.

Top-Up Training

Top-Up Training must be undertaken in the years between Foundations training.

Frequently asked questions

Doctor, Nurses, Teachers and many other professions include child protection training in their professional development. When one of these people is in a position of authority within the church, they do not need to do the full BTS Foundations Training. However, as BTS covers more than just child protection and addresses the issue of abuse from the church’s point of view, they do need to complete some components of the training. They need to complete the Code of Conduct, Sexual Misconduct and Our Policy sections as a minimum requirement. The pastoral charge will then record which components of the training were completed and note that other professional training replaced the remainder. That said, we strongly recommend that professionals such as these join with other leaders and complete the full Foundations training. They can be an immense encouragement and source of information.

If you have done child protection or safe church training in a mainstream denomination, such as the Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran or Uniting churches, then you will need to familiarize yourself with information that is specific to serving in the Presbyterian church.

This includes the Policy, Code of Conduct and reporting requirements, all of which is contained in the Top Up Training package.

For information regarding training from other denominations, or if you are in doubt, please contact the CPU who can tell you if you need to do the full Breaking the Silence Foundations training, or just the Top Up training.

All leaders from the age of 16 are required to meet all the Breaking the Silence requirements, including Working with Children Check requirements and completing the training. Leaders between the ages of 16 and 18 are unable to obtain a Working with Children Check in NSW. See the FAQ “What about people in NSW who are not eligible for a Working with Children Check or who are exempt?” for more information about what needs to be done in these circumstances. If you have concerns about a particular leader who is between the age of 16 and 18 completing these requirements please contact the CPU for advice.

The CPU is happy to issue certificates for training facilitated by a CPU trainer, or for completing the online training. If you did BTS training in your church, we would suggest that you ask your minister to write a statement of completion with details of the date, venue and facilitator with their church letter-head.

How to get a certificate:

    • Attended a CPU-run training session – Request to CPU
    • Completed online training – Request to CPU
    • Attended a church ‘in-house’ training session – Ask your minister