Online Training

Foundations Training is to be completed before a person commences in a position of authority and is applicable to ministers, elders, ministry leaders and Bible study leaders, as well as those working with children or young people. Once completed, the full basic training course is to be completed again every three years.

The Online Training has been designed to leverage off the existing training workbook and approach.  Like the training workbook the online modules have been designed to be done either in a group or as an individual.  We continue to encourage church based groups training together as we find that people learn safe ministry best by discussing together.  However, we know that this is not always possible and so hope that these online modules will be effective for individual training as well. 

New Online training Coming Soon

We're still working on this - check back in a few days!

In the meantime, you can still access the 2015 version of BTS Basic Training online below. This is still satisfactory for meeting the training requirements for those in leadership and those working with children and young people. 

1. Download workbook

Breaking the Silence Training Workbook


2. Begin Training

Work your way down this list, clicking the orange titles to watch each video and following along the relevant pages in your workbook.

Introduction to Breaking the Silence(see note 1)

Module 1 – Our Policy

Module 2 – What you need to know

Module 3 – When someone discloses

Module 4 – Reporting

Module 5 – Code of Conduct

Module 6 – Case studies  (see note 2)

Module 7 – Wise ministry

Part A – select a Wise Ministry video that is applicable to your ministry:

Good Housekeeping (Kids’ ministry)

Transport(see note 3)



Pastoral Care

Physical Contact

Part B to complete Module 7.


Do not proceed to the quiz until you have viewed all the required video modules (You should have viewed 9 videos). If you are having technical problems with accessing the training videos, please contact us so we can attend to the problem as soon as possible.


3. Quick quiz & confirmation of completion

Now complete the Quick Quiz to test what you have learnt on this training course. If you receive less than 80% please review the material as required and retake the quiz.
When you have submitted your answers, your responses will be reviewed by the CPU and you (and your church BTS Rep) will be sent a confirmation email.
Please allow up to a week for this to happen – feel free to contact us if you haven’t heard back after 7 days.


Thank you

Thank you for completing this training. If you have questions resulting from this training please contact your minister or ministry leader, or Elissa Donnellan on 0491 157 746 or

1. Please note that BTS Online training is primarily for leaders in NSW, ACT, WA or Tasmania, or those working with national ministry organisations such as APWM and PIM. Leaders from other states should refer to their own safe ministry unit for training requirements - Victoria:; Qld, SA and NT:
2. Once you have reviewed the case studies in Module 6, you may find it helpful to also refer to some suggested responses.
3. In the Transport video the narrator says that "there must be more passengers in the car than there are functioning seat belts". This is an error - leaders should ensure there are sufficient seat belts for each passenger.