We provide individuals, congregations, presbyteries, organisations, and committees with the best possible training, support, advice and resources in relation to safe ministry and abuse matters.


You can contact one of our friendly team members by phone or email. 

An aggrieved person may choose to call a Contact Person (a person who is independent of the church authorities and supervising bodies). The contact person will listen to the aggrieved person without blame or bias and provide information about the availability of support services, the right to seek legal advice and the possible need for reporting to appropriate authorities.

The access a Contact Person, ring the Conduct Protocol Unit on 02 9690 9325 and ask for the name of a contact person. The CPU will not ask you for any details, just provide you with the name and number of someone to call.

Or if you are not sure who to contact, fill out the form below and someone will get back to you.