We provide individuals, congregations, presbyteries, organisations, and committees with the best possible training, support, advice and resources in relation to safe ministry and abuse matters.

Online Training


Now that you have watched all the training modules, complete the Quick Quiz to test what you have learnt in this training course. If you receive less than 80% please review material as required and retake the quiz.

Please do not attempt the quiz until you have viewed all 7 modules. If you are having trouble view the videos please contact us so we can help resolve any technical issues.

When you have submitted your answers, your responses will be reviewed by the CPU and you will be sent a confirmation email. Please allow up to a week for this to happen.

Thank you

Thank you for completing this training. Be sure to let your BTS Representative or Session Clerk know that you have completed the training. If you have questions resulting from this training please contact your minister or ministry leader, or our training manager, Elissa Donnellan at edonnellan@pcnsw.org.au.