Jericho Road Disability Advocacy is equipping Presbyterian Churches across NSW to respond to the needs of people with disabilities.

At our place

You can join us on Jericho Road by coming to conferences or training events run by our Disability Advocate. We advertise these via our facebook page, in the Pulse and on our website, and they are a great way to inform yourself about the biblical perspective on disability.

At your place

Your church can join the work of the Disability Advocate through:

  • Hosting a workshop – We’d love to run a Luke14 workshop at your church
  • Bible study groups – Your church could run a bible study group for people with intellectual disabilities, and we can help you work out how
  • Running a local event – Your church could invite our Disability Advocate to speak at an event that encourages the community and local churches to be inclusive
  • Becoming disability friendly – Your church can actively look at how to make your buildings and your services disability friendly
  • Making friends – Your church can make contacts in the disabled community
  • Keeping an eye out – Your church can embrace people with disabilities who attend your church already, and we’d love to talk to you more about how to do this
  • Advocacy – Your church can get involved in advocacy for people with a disability
  • Support groups – Your church can host a support group for carers and families in your local area
  • Our Place – Your church could consider establishing a community home for people with a disability

To join our Disability Advocate, simply call Jason on 0419 694 490 or email