Financial Support Appeal for individuals and families affected by COVID-19

Jericho Road is appealing for funds to help those affected financially by the impact of COVID-19. This appeal is limited to PCNSW folk both giving and receiving rather than a community wide appeal. It is one way we can support each other through this time. The need for financial assistance in the wider community is likely to be much greater than we can both administer or meet. As with all Jericho Road appeals, funds will be given directly to those most affected via local Presbyterian churches. This is one way the broader Presbyterian Church can assist each other at this time.

How does the Jericho Road 2020 Financial Support Appeal work?
The way the Financial Support funds work is through local churches. We work with them to determine what individuals and families need and how best to deliver it. Sometimes this might be purchasing gift cards or sometimes it means a cash transfer to the church account so that they can distribute the funds onwards to people. We can also make a donation direct to an individual or family identified by the local church as being in need due to COVID-19.

We do it this way so that the funds are delivered within a caring relationship. This is similar to what we have done in other appeals and it seems to work really well. We pass on 100% of all funds raised. We will aim to pass on all funds within the next nine months. Any funds received that are in excess of what is needed for distribution will be used for non-COVID-19 related financial support after that time.

To make a donation online, please complete the form below, to find out about other ways to donate please click here for our donation page where you will find a number of ways to donate listed. For online donations, please use the description “JR Financial Support” to make your donation easily identifiable.


Services Australia Website

You may also like to refer to the Services Australia information about income support which can be found here.


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