Jericho Road works with and for the Presbyterian Church in NSW to demonstrate the character of God by providing fresh hope and care for those who are in need, in a way that seeks justice, shows mercy, and makes Jesus known.

That makes it a two way road between us and your church. Some things we do at our place… and some things we can do at your place. It’s up to you.

At our place
Jericho Road creates opportunities for the Presbyterian Church. These are things that are too big for a local congregation to run on their own, but they are things that are important for us to run together.

At your place
And, we want to work with you and your church to make seeking justice, showing mercy and making Jesus known a part of every day in your community.

Taking the next step
on Jericho Road


When you and your church join us on Jericho Road these are some ways we can work together:

  • A Jericho Road Church Contact will be appointed to help us work well together
  • You can take part in annual events, such as Jericho Road Sunday
  • A Jericho Road speaker can visit your church to share the vision and the opportunities to seek justice, show mercy and make Jesus known
  • Our Jericho Road ambassador can visit your church to inspire your young people in the work of justice and mercy
  • You will receive the Jericho Road Prayer Letter and your church can submit prayer points for the letter so that churches across NSW will be praying for your local justice and mercy ministry
  • You will receive invitations to attend Jericho Road events, such as training opportunities and conferences
  • You will receive invitations to be part of fundraising opportunities
  • You will receive video stories from Jericho Road’s ministries across NSW


Talk to our Partner Ministries team about partnering with us on Jericho Road.