Our little ones learning through lockdown

Tregear Presbyterian Preschool would usually be a buzz of noise and activity, with lots of laughter, singing, playing and learning. But right now things are a bit more quiet than usual, with the Sydney COVID-19 lockdown in its 9th week.

In order to keep families and the community safe while supporting the children in their learning, Tregear staff have been putting together learning packs. The packs includes art resources and learning materials that children can use at home.

"In our preschool, as per health advice, we have informed families to let their children stay home if they can and assured them that we will fully support their children learning from home", says Preschool Director, Bernadette.

Tregear staff have been delivering the kits to each home. This helps limit people going out into the community. In their last delivery, they added a family pack with a cake mix, popcorn, a familly game and a little note for families.  “We did this as we are also thinking of something that they can take their mind off doing learning activities but something also for their mental health and wellbeing” says Bernadette.

"We encouraged them to take photos of their children baking and decorating the cupcakes and showing it to others", says Bernadette.

The staff and the children are so eager to get back to face-to-face learning. But until then, it’s nice to know that they are being supported through this time. Please pray for the staff, families and children as they continue to navigate the lockdown.

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