Our vision is that Allowah will be a centre of excellence, providing quality child & family centred medical and allied health care and disability supports, along with spiritual support to children with complex disabilities and health needs. We will be a source of encouragement, education and resources for other providers, and a place that seeks justice and shows mercy in Jesus’ name for children and their families.

At our place

You can be part of what happens at Allowah. We are always looking for volunteers who can support the work of our dedicated staff. This could be anything from driving a bus to gardening to reading a story to one of the children to painting to singing to helping run church on a Sunday to sharing your expertise with computers… so many things!

At your place

Your church can be part of Allowah too, through:

  • Fundraising – Your church can participate in regular fundraising for Allowah or for a particular campaign, like our“Fill the Gap” campaign or our “Better Beds” campaign.
  • Providing material support – Your church can provide practical support for the work at Allowah by doing things like making quilts or putting together Carer’s Week gift bags for our parents and carers.
  • Tell people about Allowah – Your church can make the work of Allowah known in your local area, through dropping off posters and brochures to your local GPs and disability service providers.
  • Be supportive – If you know a family with a child with complex needs, work out how your church can be supportive of them. Don’t run away, and don’t do nothing because you are unsure about what to do.
  • Talk to us and we can help you work it out.
  • You can contribute to the funds needed to develop 2 Perry Street into a residence for young adults with disabilities.
  • Foster – And if you have a heart for children with a disability, like we do at Allowah, would you consider becoming a Foster Parent for a child with a disability? Would your church support you? We can help you to find out more.

To join us at Allowah, simply call Elizabeth on 02 8877 3400 or email emcclean@pcnsw.org.au

For more information about Allowah, click through to our website here.