On Jericho Road, we try to reach out with the love of God to people who, without our particular support, would be isolated. We try to fill the gaps, to see the unseen and to give voice to the unheard. Jericho Road is founded on the principle that we will seek justice, show mercy and make Jesus known.

Allowah does all three of those things in a powerful way.

What we do

At Allowah, we support and care for about 120 families with children who have very complex medical needs and disabilities. We do this in a variety of ways. For some this means living at Allowah for long periods of time. For others it means coming to our School Holiday programmes. For others it means having a therapist visit them at home.

But they have one thing in common. The challenges they face in receiving care that suits their needs are a very real, as these kids have complex needs and make up just a small percentage of children with disabilities. That’s why we care for them – they are the ones that are at risk of falling through the gap. Allowah is the only hospital in NSW dedicated to providing ongoing, high level care for these kids.

At Allowah Presbyterian Children’s Hospital, we see the story of the Good Samaritan in action: Reaching out in Jesus’ name to those who are so often overlooked.

There is also no doubt that every time we reach out a hand to help one of these children, or their families, that we are showing to them that they are truly made in the image of God, … and even if the rest of the world might be a hard, difficult place, we love them, and God loves them. On Jericho Road, these children are treated as image-bearers, for the glory of God.

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