Your Church
and Jericho Road

Joining with Jericho Road gives you and your church the opportunity to tell a new story on Jericho Road. You can join us on the road by doing something at your church or you can be part of something at our place. Opportunities for both exist in all the following areas… and many more that we haven’t thought about but you might be able to imagine:

On the ground
at your church

Your church can get involved in seeking justice, showing mercy and making the love of Jesus known in many different ways. You may be doing a lot already, or you may just be getting started.

Here are some things we know churches are doing on the ground already:

  • Community Kitchen – Providing dinner to anyone in need of food or company
  • Caring for the Community – Staying in touch with what’s happening in the neighbourhood, and if there is someone in need getting together a care pack and some meals
  • Services – Holding a special service for those dealing with grief and loss, especially around Christmas
  • Support – If there is someone in the local church who has a job working for justice or showing mercy, supporting them personally and supporting their work
  • Helping the lonely – Putting on a Christmas lunch for those who will be alone or hosting an afternoon tea a few times a year
  • Food – Operating a food ministry
  • Playgroup – Running a playgroup, particularly one that is inclusive
  • Support groups – Hosting support groups, such as one for parents of kids with disabilities, folk with mental illness, those dealing with grief and carers
  • Study Hall – Providing a place for senior high school students who need a quiet space, a coffee and a listening ear
  • Breakfast – Supporting a group that provides breakfasts for kids at school

If you’d like help setting something up, then get in contact with the Partner Ministries Team

Tell us your story!

If you already have a great story about how your church walks Jericho Road, let us know! We’d love to share your story with other churches to encourage them.