Presbyterian Counselling Service

The purpose of the Presbyterian Counselling Service is to facilitate quality care and support to; local churches, individuals and families within or connected to the Presbyterian Church who are in need of professional counselling or similar services.

We aim to facilitate a process where both professional counselling and pastoral care can come together to provide healing and reconciliation for the hurt and distressed. Through referrals and financial subsidies, the Presbyterian Counselling Service removes the two main barriers many people face when in need of counselling. We provide access to high quality Christian Counsellors to all those in the Presbyterian community who are most vulnerable and who would otherwise be isolated from support.

At our place

You can join us on Jericho Road by coming to conferences or training events hosted by the Counselling Service. We advertise these via our facebook page, in the Pulse and on our website.

At your place

Your church can join the work of the Counselling Service too, through:

  • Support groups – We can provide your church with a pack of resources and help set up a variety of support groups that might be needed in your community, or if you have an idea to support or work with people with grief, trauma, addiction or mental health issues in your community, get in touch
  • Training – We can provide your church with training, resourcing and advice to allow you to intentionally provide pastoral care for people in your church
  • Tell people about the Counselling Service – Making sure your church is aware of the counselling service and what it does
  • Finding counsellors – If you are aware of local Christian counsellors, please put them in contact with us.
  • Fundraising – Jericho Road does not receive any funding for the Counselling Service, and your church can help provide counselling for someone in need – $120 will cover gap for 6 sessions for a couple, or allow a young person to receive the help they need

To join the work of the Counselling Service, simply call Justine on 1800 818 133 or email