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Jericho Road Chaplains demonstrate the character of God by providing fresh hope and care for those who are in need because of ill health, grief or incarceration. They also provide support and care to those working in various emergency services and to their families.

We value this ministry and want to see more and more women and men serving as chaplains in our communities. We have partnered with Christ College to offer Chaplaincy Training to equip individuals to pursue this important work.

Jericho Road’s chaplaincy work and training programs are overseen by our Senior Chaplain, Joseph Park.

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Prayer is powerful, and our chaplains would love to have people praying for their day-to-day interactions with the people they’re meeting.

We can provide you with a regular list of things to pray for our chaplains and those they work with in hospitals, gaols and the emergency services.

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The work of a chaplain closely resembles that of a missionary – embracing the calling to serve others outside of the church setting.


Never Give Up

Prison chaplain Tim Abbey shares a story of God's faithfulness in an inmate's release journey.

A Chaplain’s Day

Michael provides a glimpse into the important moments for him as a chaplain in a typical day at the hospital.

Meet Joseph: St Vincent’s Hospital Chaplain

Joseph Park spends his days in the ICU at Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital, providing a listening ear, a warm smile and the offer of prayer to patients and their carers. ...

“Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ”

Jericho Road received a letter from a prison inmate. We want to share this encouragement with our partners in bringing the good news about Jesus into hard places.

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