Jericho Road Chaplains demonstrate the character of God by providing fresh hope and care for those who are in need because of ill health, grief or incarceration. They also provide support and care to those working in various emergency services and to their families.

At our place

You can be part of Jericho Road’s chaplaincy work. You can:

  • Train with us – Enrol in the chaplaincy course at Christ College. Click here to find out more.
  • Become a chaplain – You can become a chaplain for your local emergency service or sporting team, and we can help you train for the role
  • Visiting – There are some opportunities for people to become visitors to those in gaols where we have a chaplain on site

At your place

Your church can be part of chaplaincy too, through:

  • Providing material support – Your church can provide practical support to a chaplain, enabling them to support inmates and their families
  • Visiting – We can help train up a team from your church to enable them to visit your local hospital
  • Training – Your church could host a Pastoral Care training course
  • Care Packs – Talk to your local hospital about providing personal care packages and activity packs for children
  • Writing – You could partner with one of our Gaol Chaplains and correspond with prisoners, to provide friendship and encouragement
  • Providing community – You can work with one of our Gaol Chaplains to support newly released inmates in your community
  • Sponsorship – Your church can financially support a particular chaplain, covering the gap between the subsidy Jericho Road receives and the living wage we need to pay our chaplains
  • Fundraising – Your church can financially support the work of all our chaplains through fundraising
  • Praying – In addition to the Jericho Road prayer letter, we can provide you with a regular list of things to pray for our chaplains and those they work with in hospitals, gaols and the emergency services

To join us in Chaplaincy, simply call Ian on 0449 903 508 or email