The Presbyterian Church is appealing for funds to help those affected by the bush fires. All donations will be given directly to those most affected via local Presbyterian churches.

How does Jericho Road distribute donations?
The way the bush fire funds work is through local churches. We work with them to determine what they need and how best to deliver it. Sometimes this might be purchasing goods locally for distribution, sometimes it may be providing accommodation or clothes, sometimes it means a cash transfer to the church account so that they can distribute the funds onwards to people. We can also make a donation direct to an individual or family identified by the local church as being in need.

We do it this way so that the funds and goods are delivered by locals to locals in need, within a caring relationship. We’ve done it this way for quite a few years now and it seems to work really well. Where we buy goods there are receipts held locally, where we give cash it goes through the Jericho Road and local church accounts. We pass on 100% of all funds raised.

To make a donation, please click here. There are a number of ways to donate listed. For online donations, please use the description “JR Bush Fires” to make your donation easily identifiable.

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Thank you for your help and God Bless.

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