Give thanks for God’s goodness

Dear friends,

What do you get when you combine:

  • One offer of sugar cane top hay provided for free,
  • One transport company willing to provide a prime mover and pay for fuel,
  • One transport company willing to provide the trailer that goes behind the prime mover,
  • One retired couple with a handy heavy vehicle license,
  • One Presbyterian congregation on the coast with a heart for those in the outback dealing with the drought, and
  • One pair of PIM missionaries with local contacts in need of hay?

You get a picture of God’s goodness and mercy in action.

Last weekend a delivery of 54 bales of hay was trucked from Murwillumbah to the outskirts of Narrabri and Wee Waa.

Ken Bradley from Murwillumbah, along with his wife Lyn, drove the truck out to Narrabri and back. Murwillumbah Presbyterian Church supplied the hay and have made a further contribution to Jericho Road to allow us to continue supporting people as the drought persists.


The hay was delivered to a property on the outskirts of Narrabri and four other farming families – all part of the Narrabri or Wee Waa Presbyterian Church family benefited.
Each bale is 320kg. Around 550 litres of diesel was used in the trip to and from Murwillumbah which together with the prime mover was supplied by Peter Shoobridge, and the trailer was supplied by Paul O’Connor.

Arriving at the empty hayshed

David McDonald with Arthur Melbourne on the Melbourne’s farm

David & Gae McDonald, PIM missionaries based out of Narrabri, arranged for the hay to be delivered to the local families. David said that there were many blessings on the day. There was food and fellowship and even better a storm brewed while the hay was deliver, later to give a little rain.

Hay in the back of the PIM SUV and the McDonald’s trailer ready for delivery

Loading the hay onto a farm truck for a smaller delivery to a nearby property

Welcome hay

Rain clouds brewing – an added blessing!

Enough rain to make a puddle!

Ken and Lyn’s daughter Helen Conroy decided to add to the blessings and in just 12 hours raised approx. $2,000.00 worth of Coles vouchers/ cash and food hampers which also were delivered in person on the day of the Hay drop.

Helen Conroy

The brothers and sisters struggling in the drought near Narrabri and Wee Waa had tangible proof that their church family on the coast were still thinking and praying for them and providing some of what they need.

Thank God for His generosity and for giving us church family.

Kind regards,

Liz McClean
CEO, Jericho Road