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Meet the Partner Ministries Team

Jon Flood

Director - Partner Ministries

Elissa Donnellan

Partner Ministries Coordinator

The Jericho Road Partner Ministries team aims to provide greater opportunities for your church to access Jericho Road services as well as partner together in mercy ministry activities. Together we can demonstrate the character of God by providing fresh hope and care for those who are in need, in a way that seeks justice, shows mercy, and makes Jesus known.

Know someone in your church who is passionate about justice & mercy?

We are looking for someone from each church to become a Jericho Road Church Contact.

The Partner Ministries team is here to serve, support and partner with the NSW Presbyterian churches. It’s a two way road – and we need your help to stay connected and support each other to seek justice, show mercy and make Jesus known. 

Know someone who could be that person?

What will it involve?

  • They will be the key contact between your church and the Jericho Road Partner Ministries team.
  • We can work together to provide help and support for your church’s justice and mercy initiatives.
  • The Church Contact will keep us informed about the needs, prayer points, and opportunities in your church and local area.
  • We will let them know about what Jericho Road is doing, to keep your church updated.

Introducing Jericho Road to your church

We’ve created Jericho Road church resources that you can access using the button.
You might like to utilise the resources by:

  • Sharing them to your church congregation by including it in your bulletin, displaying posters or posting to your online pages.
  • Show the Jericho Road video during Sunday announcements.
  • Ask your congregation to sign up to the Jericho Road newsletter.

Have you considered partnering in...

Will you partner with us in this amazing ministry. Allowah needs your help to keep its doors open and continue to care for children who are so often overlooked. Can your church help us raise awareness and funds?
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Disability Advocacy
How equipped does you congregation feel to reach out to people living with disabilities? Our Disability Advocate, Jason Forbes, is looking to visit churches in 2022 and share his insights on being inclusive and intentional in ministry. Why not invite Jason to your church?
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Our Chaplains bring the hope of the Gospel into the places where most of us can't. Like missionaries, they need the support of churches in prayer and finances to sustain their important work. Could your church sponsor a Chaplain?
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Packed with Love
We serve a God of compassion and mercy, and we can demonstrate his character to others through giving practical assistance in times of need. Want to get your church involved in a hands-on ministry that connects you to your community?
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It's a two way street. What can we support you with locally?

There are opportunities for justice and mercy ministries all around us. We live in a world that is full of brokenness and sin. As God’s people, we can work together to intentionally reach out to those in need and provide them with loving kindness that asks for nothing in return. At Jericho Road, we have seen and heard of many stories where a simple act of compassion has been the start of someone’s journey to coming to know Christ.

We’d love to support your congregation in your justice and mercy ministries. 

Get in touch with the Partner Ministries team to see what might be possible.