“Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ”

Below is a letter that was sent to Jericho Road by a prison inmate. We want to share this encouragement with our partners in bringing the good news about Jesus into hard places.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

My name is Alec* and I am an inmate in a Correctional Centre. I decided to write this letter to you not only to thank you for all the support and work you do for prison ministries, but to also encourage you in knowing that through your ministries people in prison are being blessed and having their lives changed through the joy and forgiveness they’ve found in Jesus.

The Chaplain here is a wonderful man of God who has a heart for all the inmates here. We are blessed to have such a wonderful man for our chaplain.

I am a born again Christian and know I am absolutely blessed to be able to worship God in a church environment even in prison.  God has continued to bless me over and over during my past months since coming into the prison system and it has brought such a joy to my heart that words can barely explain. It is strange to explain that my faith in God has grown so much and I’m happy to say he has my full attention. Coming to prison has been a humbling experience for me personally. I’ve come from having a beautiful home, nice cars, money; down to enough items that fit into two plastic tubs, yet I am so happy and secure. Such is the joy of the Lord I have in my life even here in prison, it is definitely more than enough. God’s grace is more than abundant.

I know that my prison time is only a short time in the scheme of things. In Psalm 23 verse 4 it reads “though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.” This dark time of life is being experienced as walking “through” that valley, but I will not fear because God almighty is with me and I know he will bless me on the other side of all this.

I often tell other Christians that prison inmates are a captive audience. There is so much despair and damage to people’s lives in here it is definitely a place where people need to find the love and freedom they will find by having Jesus in their hearts.

They call this place a “correctional centre,” well I’m sorry to say it’s just another gaol. The correctional centre in prisons can be found in the chapels, where the gospel of Jesus Christ is shared.

One thing I relate to other inmates is how Jesus delighted in spending time and helping the down and out, the lepers, the prostitutes, the tax collectors, prisoners. These are all the rubbish people the world looks down upon, yet Jesus had a heart for them all, he’s in the business of recycling rubbish into something useful, something beautiful, to give us a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29 verse 11.

Once again, thank you for your heart and funds you give to provide us with the Chaplain and Chapels in prison. The highlight of my week is Sunday Chapel and weekly bible study.

Your continued prayers are appreciated. Please pray for peace upon this place, and that guys’ hearts are softened and opened to receive a word from the Lord. I pray daily for every inmate’s situation and want them all to know the same joy I have in my life.

I have requested a family member to forward you some funds which are to be put towards prison ministry. This was a word to me from the Lord and who am I to argue with him?

May God almighty continue to bless you and the Jericho Road ministries team, your hard work is definitely coming to fruition in growing God’s kingdom and healing the broken hearted.

Kindest regards,


*Name changed for publication.

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