Can you help? – Orphaned lambs needing care

Dear friends,

Calling grey nomads, families or individuals on school or uni holidays, or anyone with time and are able.

Have you a week or two to help out on a drought affected stations?

One of the stations in David & Gae McDonald’s PIM area in the North West of New South Wales would love your help. No previous experience is required for this special task! They have 40 orphaned lambs who need to be fed four times a day… with more on the way.

With a couple of weeks left of the lambing season, more orphans will need care. With all the extra work that is needed to keep the sheep themselves alive, the orphaned lambs have added an extra burden to the already exhausted workers. A few sets of helping hands to take on the lamb feeding would make all the difference.

Ideally we need several groups or individuals to spend a week or two at a time over the next 12 to 14 weeks. Could you do it??

Helpers will be working as volunteers under Jericho Road. You’ll have to look after yourselves as much as possible so as to not add to the load at the station.

In the first instance, please contact David & Gae at if you are keen to be part of raising these lambs and contributing to the well-being of this station. They can let you know a little more about what is involved. They’ll then put you in touch with Jericho Road so you can be signed up.

Please think about this and please hold this and other stations affected by drought in your prayers.

Kind regards,