Pray with us for Grafton, Jackadgery, Coutts Crossing and surrounding areas

Dear friends,

As today moves into the evening please give thanks to God for better than expected conditions in some areas. Continue to pray for those areas yet to receive the change, and particularly that conditions do not worsen as the change moves through during tonight.

Please pray for Grafton, Jackadgery, Coutts Crossing and surrounds
Michael Eleveld asks, “Please pray for Grafton Presbyterian church during this very difficult time. We have at least 6 farmers who are under threat from these fires. A large number of the farmers are at Jackadgery. One family at this location was trapped a few weeks ago and couldn’t escape and they lost all their property to the fires but firemen helped them defend their family home. The fire came meters from their house but the home was saved. Their neighbours are now at high risk. These farmers have beef cattle on a bush timber plantation. So far fires have only come to their boundary.

We also have farmers in other areas one is constantly fighting fires that pop up on his property.

Please pray also for our families that live at Coutts Crossing. We have a young family that have just finished building their home there with five small children. The wife and children have evacuated and come into Grafton, the father is waiting and watching.

The Grafton church family have many friends and contacts in the areas that are burning so are very upset by this. This morning we had a church prayer meeting.

Please continue to pray with us for safety, much needed rain and for wisdom in knowing how to help our community. Please also pray for our church school (St. Andrew’s Christian School) as it is located in beautiful bush land in South Grafton and also for all the families in our school effected by the fires.”

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in the Grafton area, and continue to uphold others across our nation during this difficult time. Thank you for praying with us and with them.

Kind regards,

Liz McClean
CEO, Jericho Road