Pray with us for Wingham, Krambach & Old Bar

Dear friends,

Please pray with us for the people at Wingham and the surrounding areas.

Paul & Kari say “Here in the Manning Valley no-one is untouched; we all know people who have been affected – kids, school teachers, cricket coaches, friends and family. One family with a new born baby lost their house. One of our kids school teacher lost her house. People are displaced and on alert. Schools, preschools and day care centres have been closed for a week. Kids can’t go outside to play as it’s too smokey. Water was scarce before and now tanks are now dry from using the water to fight the fires. Today is high fire danger again our little church at Krambach that recently began fortnightly services is in the fire’s path.

Our congregation are OK but many are on constant watch. One couple camped at church a few days. Pray for strength and clear thinking in tiredness and that we may show the love of Jesus to our community at this time.

If you could pray for the following:

The little town of Krambach
For our elder Dennis who lives at Krambach and is out today fighting the fires as his role in the RFS.

Old Bar
That we may be able to meet this Sunday in Old Bar school hall and gather as God’s people, and once again give hope from God’s word.

For all those living close to Wingham who have been affected by fires, particularly Tim and Claire who are dairy farmers at Killabakh, who had to leave their property. For Rod and Kathy at Wherrol Flat, as they hold the fort. For Ken and Leanne who lost their home and for the Iverson family who lost their home.

And we can also thank God for the many opportunities we have had to speak to people about the hope of the Gospel, as they look to things that are unseen and eternal. Thank God for the coming together of people, as people have had to share homes with those whom they may never have known.”

Thank you for your prayers.

Kind regards,

Liz McClean
CEO, Jericho Road