Meet Lisa: Hornsby Ku-Ring-Gai Hospital Chaplain

Jericho Road welcomes Lisa Woolcott to the Chaplaincy Team as she takes over from Rhonda Daley at Hornsby Ku-Ring-Gai Hospital.

What made you decide to become a hospital chaplain?

To put it simply, the work of God in my life. I have a heart for others’ well-being and flourishing. I think this is what drew me into a health career early on. Over the years my focus has shifted from physical well-being to spiritual and emotional well-being, and my interest in how God works in lives, and ways we can open ourselves to His work has led me to further study in this field, including chaplaincy study at Christ College. This is where I was given the opportunity to try hospital chaplaincy and it seems to be a good fit for my life experience, training and calling.


How are you feeling about your new role?

I am feeling grateful for this opportunity to serve, and to Rhonda for the legacy she has left at HKH, for all the seeds she has planted in this hospital, and for her encouragement and teaching in preparation for this role.

I feel a sense of weightiness. There are so many needs and I still have so much to learn. I am grateful for the support of Ian, Jericho Road Senior Chaplain and the Jericho Road team, along with supportive staff at the hospital and all those who hold me in prayer.

I am also feeling anticipation and peace. I do not know what each day holds but I trust that God is with me in all that unfolds, and his goodness will always shine through.


It’s quite a challenging time to be moving into a new role in the hospital. How can we be praying for you?

  • Please pray that God will place me in the path of those who most need support, especially during lockdown.
  • For energy and clear communication. As a cochlear implant recipient, I am incredibly blessed to be able to communicate through face masks, but it can be tiring.
  • For discernment, diligence, courage, and safety around visiting onsite in pandemic conditions.

Welcome Lisa! We look forward to seeing how God works through you.

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