Praying for COVID outbreak areas

Special COVID update

As infection numbers increase and hotspots spread across NSW, we reached out to churches as well as chaplains who are in areas of particular concern. Will you join us in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Christ? 


Western Sydney Presbytery

  • Praise God that the churches have been able to transition online and the faithfulness of those who enable it to happen.
  • Praise the Lord that there are increased opportunities to connect with people who wouldn’t enter a church building. 
  • Pray for the ministers, elders and other leaders who are all feeling tired and drained due to sustained lockdown. 
  • Pray for continued wisdom in keeping people connected, especially those who can’t connect online. 
  • Pray for wisdom on how leaders can support those whom they can’t visit because of the 5 km travel limit. 
  • Pray for wisdom in managing people’s differences in approaches to COVID-19, especially as we move toward reopening. 

Dubbo Presbyterian Church

  • Please pray particularly for the First Nations or Indigenous community in Dubbo. They are particularly vulnerable to COVID due to their family and relationship-oriented culture. COVID is spreading much faster among the Indigenous community in Dubbo. 
  • Please be praying for First Nation Christians, that they may be a witness during this time. 
  • Pray for people grieving the death of loved ones, and unable to attend a funeral in person. 
  • Pray for Cyrene Harris, a local First Nation Christian who is reaching out to people with care packs.
  • Pray for the churches everywhere as we negotiate caring for people when unable to meet, and wisdom as we plan for post-lockdown church meetings. 

Todd – Chaplain at South Coast Correctional Centre

  • Give thanks that the recent COVID-19 outbreak in the prison system is under control and did not impact the South Coast Correctional Centre.
  • Give thanks that, despite tightening procedures in the prison, chapel can continue and access to inmates has not been restricted.
  • Pray that during this time of uncertainty, inmates and staff might reach out to God and find hope, comfort and security in the gospel of the Lord Jesus.
  • Pray as chaplains that we stand out as a beacon of hope and light in the prison and that this might open up opportunities to point people to Jesus.

Michael – Chaplain at Westmead and RPA Hospitals

  • We give thanks that we have a united and committed Chaplains department that are keen to minister to people no matter how distressed their circumstances. We ask for prayer for Westmead Hospital as it has around one quarter of its patients now with COVID-19. RPA too has many wards now given over to COVID-19 patients. Please pray for the executive as they make decisions about the best use of resources.
  • We are thankful that, at Westmead, we have a new large Central building that has given added capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic and praise God that this building was finished at just the right time.
  • We ask for prayer for Doctors, Nurses and allied health workers who are stressed and stretched in their workload now.  We ask that we can have good opportunities to minister compassionately with health workers in the hospitals.
  • Please pray that the chaplains will be freer to move around the hospital and have increased opportunities to meet and speak with patients and workers. Please pray that we would have courage to serve Jesus in a very fearful and uncertain environment.

Rochelle – Chaplain at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

  • We pray for the multidisciplinary teams at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead who are caring for children in need during the current COVID-19 outbreak in Sydney.
  • We pray that God will sustain Health Care Professionals during this prolonged outbreak, when working conditions are difficult and mental health is affected.
  • We pray for the many children and families who have been impacted by COVID-19, and are receiving care either in the Hospital or through Virtual Care in the Home.
  • We thank God for the “fly-in” teams who visit families in the home when needed, to assess their medical needs and provide practical care through support hampers.
  • We thank God for “Home in the Hospital” which provides care to children whose parents are too unwell to care for them. May these children know God’s love through the care that they receive.
  • We pray for Chaplains in the Hospital providing spiritual support to children and families during a time of heighted stress. As Chaplains reach out to families in need, may they know that God is there for them to turn to in their greatest need.

Keith – Chaplain at Royal North Shore Hospital

  • Give thanks that our Health Area has been quiet compared to a number of other areas.
  • For ICU Emergency Staff as they deal with COVID-19 over the next two months in particular.
  • Pray for those in Chemotherapy at this time. Many patients are immunocompromised and have real fears about the future with COVID-19.
  • Pray for hospital staff who are concerned about their loved ones at home and their safety from the virus. They are concerned they might bring COVID-19 home to them.
  • Pray for patients who need procedures but have been postponed at this time.
  • Our Chaplains Dept is short staffed at the moment. Pray for replacements, healing for recovering Chaplains and safety and energy for the remaining Chaplains.
  • Give thanks for great unity of our department.

Joseph – Chaplain at St Vincent Hospital

  • Please pray for frontline workers, nurses and medicals, also allied health staff and other support staff who are exposed to COVID-19 in the hospital and forced into isolation. This unfortunate but unavoidable circumstance puts the hospital service into pressure to continue the care but with limited staff. Please pray for resources to be replenished where it can and pray for the staff in isolation at home or even in the hospital. 
  • Pray for the pastoral care department who are carrying a heavy load of the service with limited staff onboard due to similar circumstances mentioned above. That those who can be at work can carry on as best as they could and that they may be sustained in the work of caring for patients spiritually. 
  • Pray for those who are admitted with other chronic illnesses as well, without any visitors allowed, they are carrying their ailment alone in the hospital. Pray for strength and comfort in times of distress. Pray for softening of their hearts during this time that they may turn to the Lord above for help.

Christine – Chaplain at Prince of Wales

  • Pray for the Lord to sustain and help staff who are undergoing many changes and challenges as more COVID-19 patients are admitted. 
  • Pray for the chaplains to know how to reach out to COVID patients even if we cannot do physical visits. Pray for wisdom as we reach them by phone – for words of grace, for the ability to listen well and to offer timely and Christ-filled words. 
  • Pray for times of spiritual, emotional and mental rest for chaplains – the weariness of lockdown means it can be hard to keep giving out to others. 

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