How to take part in Sustainable September

It’s one of the first things God calls us to do… be stewards of the earth. And during Sustainable September, we are reminded to play our part in taking care of the wonderful creation that God has made.

There is a wealth of fantastic information on this topic by our friends at Gospel, Society and Culture, including their Creation Care Report.

Image of the earth with Sustainability September Creation Care Tips in writing

Why not use Sustainability September as an opportunity to try a new sustainable practice:

  • Recycle your soft plastics – most supermarkets have a soft plastic recycling bin which makes it easy to recycle all that soft plastic packaging.
  • Compost your fruit and veg scraps – even paper, tissues and paper towel can be added to your compost, and it makes the most amazing soil!
  • Go paperless – why not use your phone to jot down lists or notes rather than using paper?
  • Recycled clothing – fashion is one of the biggest polluters out there, so buying preloved fashion not only saves you money but reduces the amount of landfill created by fast fashion.
  • Worm farm – similar to composting, a worm farm is a great way to use your food scraps to improve your garden.
  • Be waterwise – reducing your showers, collecting grey water for your plants and not buying bottled water can make a big difference.
  • Eat locally – choosing fruit and veg that was grown in Australia, and in season, reduces the carbon footprint produced by transporting produce from around the world.
  • Give differently – instead of buying physical items for your loved ones, what about making a donation, or giving an experience instead of buying things they may not need, which ultimately end up in landfill.
  • Return and Earn – a great incentive for kids and adults alike, collect your 10c bottles to a Return and Earn location. Why not donate the cash you earn to charity, or incentivise your kids to earn some more pocket money through sustainability.
  • Drive less – walking, cycling and using public transport reduces the emissions produced by petrol cars, every trip counts!
  • Reduce your waste – make choices to reduce your plastic use, think before purchasing, use the reduce, reuse, recycle principles.
  • Stay away from Palm Oil – a major source of deforestation, reduce or cut out products that contain palm oil.
  • Repair don’t replace – instead of throwing out your broken or damaged items, first check if you can fix them. Sewing a new button, mending a hole, or replacing a part means that an item won’t end up in landfill but will be given a longer life.
  • Choose reusable – single use items are terrible for the environment, why not investigate reusable alternatives. Think metal straws, cloth nappies, reusable hygiene products or simply bringing a water bottle from home,

There are so many more ideas out there, you can share your ideas in the comments below!

So, this September, why not create a new sustainable habit. Let’s put our stewardship into action. If each one of us took on one additional sustainable practice, imagine the benefits to our beautiful God-given creation!

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