The benefits of early childhood education: featuring Tregear Presbyterian Preschool

We’re very proud to share with you a video that our very own Tregear Presbyterian Preschool has been a part of. Some of our educators were interviewed and some of our children at the preschool were also involved as they engaged in learning activities. This is part of the Department of Education’s campaign to raise public awareness of the importance of early childhood education.

Tregear Presbyterian Preschool VideoClick the image above to watch the video.

The campaign aims to raise public awareness about the benefits of participation in early childhood education, and the professionalism and dedication of early childhood teachers and educators and their important role in children’s development. The video that features Tregear Presbyterian Preschool highlights the benefits of Aboriginal educators engaging with the children, teaching them about country, culture and their background.


Collage of images from Tregear Presbyterian Preschool

Early childhood teachers and educators play a critical role in children’s lives and have a big influence in the development of social and emotional skills, gross and fine motor skills, confidence and independence and, of course, early literacy and numeracy. We are very proud of our network of preschools, our dedicated staff and our beautiful community of children and their families.
Please pray for our centres, teachers and families as we serve them and provide care within a Christian context.

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