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  1. Hover over your desired document,
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  3. (PDF) Download the file using the icon on the top right corner,
  4. (IMAGE) Right-click the image and select ‘Save image as’,
  5. (VIDEO) Right-click the video and select ‘Copy video URL’ – note: this will not download the video, but allow you to share the link or to show the video on another platform.

How to introduce Allowah’s 2024 EOFY Appeal at church:

“Allowah is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church that has an extraordinary impact in the lives of families who have children with complex disabilities. The work that Allowah does is unique and fills a gap in the community where kids in these circumstances are able to get the support they need to thrive. Allowah is supported by the generosity of donors and their EOFY appeal invites people to join in this mission and offer the financial support needed to provide this service. Let’s hear from Liz McClean, the CEO of Allowah. [SHOW VIDEO] If you’d like to make a contribution to this wonderful ministry, you can donate through their website [or by scanning the QR code in the bulletin].”

Jericho Road in 2023

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